My Plan

  • Fighting for fair funding

    We need to ensure that the Leigh constituency receives its fair share of national and local investment if our great community is to be allowed to thrive.

  • Fixing our broken roads & pavements

    The people of the Leigh constituency deserve safer and better quality roads and pavements. Given this, I am working for constituents to raise their concerns with Wigan Council on pot holes, broken pavements and neglected footpaths across the constituency.

  • Restoring public safety

    A thorough crackdown on anti-social behaviour and criminal activity across the Leigh constituency is long overdue. From the nuisance caused by groups of young people to serious drug, theft and violent crime, this behaviour affects everyone in our area.

  • Protecting our greenbelt

    Protecting our outstandingly beautiful greenspaces has been something I have been committed to since elected as MP for Leigh. There is a very clear need for more affordable homes in our area, but this should not come at the dire expense of our greenbelt.