MP urges Government to end blue badge holders parking fines

MP for Leigh, James Grundy, has joined forces with Conservative Councillors across the borough to urge the Government to prevent private car parks fining those who display their recently expired blue badges.

Their move comes after learning that blue badge holders who are unable to renew their badges due to the COVID-19 pandemic run the risk of being fined for parking in private car parks.

Whilst many local councils, including Wigan Council, are temporarily accepting recently expired blue badges on public car parks and not issuing fines, they are unable to stop private car parks like supermarkets from doing so too.

Speaking about the joint letter, Cllr Michael Winstanley, leader of the Conservative Group at Wigan Council, said: “Badge holders who are unable to access the internet face difficulties in having identification verified by their local authority. This is because many local authorities require physical verification of identity documentation to process offline renewal applications, which at present is simply not possible given the COVID-19 social distancing measures.”

Adding to these comments, Conservative MP for Leigh, James Grundy, said “Holders of blue badges represent some of the most vulnerable people in our society, yet many do not have shield as strictly as others.  

“As a result, many blue badge holders can still visit supermarkets and other shops to buy essential items, but if they are unable to renew their blue badge due to COVID-19, they are at risk of being fined, which we believe is wholly unfair.

“This is why after learning of these concerns, myself and local Councillors have taken action and have written to the Government urging them to ensure that all private care parks will also stop fining those who display their recently expired blue badges.”